Monday, January 4, 2010

Breaking Up Sorry: We Can't Be Friends

When you break up with someone, can you still remain friends? I’d say friends no! Cordial yes…. Some may think it’s a good idea because you used to love them at one point in your life. Would that change because the two of you have broken up? Probably not, but what if that person hurt you in a way that you will not be able to forget what he/she has done. Note that I said "forget" and not forgive. See it’s easier to me to forgive a person than it is to forget. I’m sure that their must have been things that originally attracted you to that person in the first place, but personally that's how couples end up making up to breaking up. Maybe they’re still funny, smart, and good looking, but that to me doesn’t change what he or she has done. I’m not telling you to be bitter; I’m just telling you to let the past relationship define itself. If you have kids then being cordial has even greater value, but let’s not pitch our kids falls hope. Mommy and Daddy trying to do things like old times can definitely confuse your kids into thinking that you will be one happy family again. I think trying to be friends cause us to ignore how painful it might be just to see that person. This keeps us from ever really moving forward with our lives and also frustrating for the people around us. What do you think?