Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Mind Is Clear - Clear Is My Mind

Frustrated & Perplexed
Miserable without
A doubt
My path has darkened
Darkened has my path

You’ve Stolen
My Faith
My Esteem
My Joy
Leaving Me Damaged
Damaged me Leaving

Blinded by
My love for you
I wanted what I wanted
Leaving me vulnerable
Open to your deceit
You’ve drained me
Physically & Emotionally
Exhausting all Possibilities
Possibilities all Exhausted

But, only God
Calms the
Deadliest Storms
Replenishing my soul
Nurturing My Spirit
I’m free of your reign
Ready to start over
My Mind is clear
Clear is my Mind


  1. That last line sounds like something that Yoda would say.

  2. This is great...Harsh realities of life...And you are chosing the right path to help you through this...Learn from it and never again allow anyone or anything steal your joy...That is God given and regardless of whats goin on...Smile anyways knowing that its gonna get better!

  3. @Mizrepresent.....Thankyou!


    @JStar.....Yeah it's not my current state, but I was at this point once in my life.

  4. Sounds like one of those deals where the ending of painful breakup was eventually transformed into joy. Once read, I thought to myself that this prose didn't sound like 25champ and his positive spirits, but then I remembered the title of this particular blog. Feels good to release and overcome, doesn't it?

  5. Sounds like something that had to be done. One of those endings that you see coming but can't bring yourself to do until the time has just come and their no turning back.

  6. @SeZ.....They say that "all good things come to and end", but so does hurt and sorrow. Thanks 4 stopping by.

  7. As my mother always says to me "Everything in life has it's time & with time all things heal"
    I can't speak to you with words of experience on this subject, I can only imagine how it must feel and reccognise that it must be very hard.
    A new beginning with a clear mind sounds to me like a good place to start again!

  8. Leaving me vulnerable
    Open to your deceit
    You’ve drained me
    Physically & Emotionally

    Wow....I can remember feeling that way a loooong time ago after a relationship ended but thank God he gave me a resilent get-up-and-dust yourself off spirit that bounces back easily from setback. Count it all joy.

  9. @Kandia.....I couldn't agree wit u more :)

  10. @Ms lis ms...thanks 4 stopping bye :)